Call barring meaning in hindi. What is call barring how to use it in 2022?

In today’s post we will inform you that Call barring Meaning in Hindi about that what is call barring And how it is used, what are the types of Call Barring, what is its use and how you can turn it on/off according to your use.

There is an option of Call Setting in any mobile phone of the world, in which mainly call waitingYou will definitely get the setting of Call Barring and Call Forwarding, apart from this there are many options like Call Recording, Caller Id depending on how the mobile is.

In the previous post we Call Forwarding And told about Call Waiting but today’s post about Call Barring where we will give you complete information about using Call Barring with what is Call Barring, Call Barring Ka Meaning in Hindi.

when you no mobile phone If you buy and bring another SIM card and use it, then you do not need to do any call setting to make a call, because in a new mobile phone and SIM card, the complete setting of calling someone or receiving a call is already present. Is.

Call barring meaning in hindi.  What is Call Barring, how to use it in 2022?

But if you want to stop any call from yourself, whether it is incoming call, outgoing call, roaming call, or any international call, then in this situation you use Call Barring setting. Why would we stop our time?

So many times it also happens that we do not want the call of any person or we do not want the roaming call while roaming because sometimes some person bothers you by calling again and again or because of being in roaming. Roaming charges are being paid or apart from this, there can be many reasons for Call Barring.

So if you want to make better use of this Call Barring setting then read the post completely. what is call barring with Call barring Meaning in Hindi And full information has been given to use Call Barring, so let’s first know what is Call Barring?

What is Call Barring (Call Barring Meaning in Hindi)

Call barring has a simple meaning or meaning in Hindi Call blocking means stopping the call Whether it is an incoming call on your mobile or an outgoing call from your mobile, when you stop this call through Call Barring setting, it is called Call Barring.

There are different options in this Barring setting, from which you can stop different calls and keep them running, whether it is Incoming Call or Outgoing Call, Roming Call or any International Call, now many people The question may come to mind that why should we stop our own time.

So if you talk regularly, you will also know the problems of calling, for example your mobile number If you find someone who harasses you by calling again and again, then the simple way is to stop the call of that person.

Not only this, many times we go to such a place where you are in roaming, where it takes money to receive calls, as well as making outgoing calls, it also takes more money, in such a situation, if you want, you can only stop the roaming call. is and can avoid charges and that’s Call barring Meaning in hindi Is.

Here still some people may feel that what is its need, for this we can choose another option, but imagine a small child has taken your mobile and he unknowingly makes an international call to another country where 10 rupees There is talk of 50 rupees per minute, how much loss you will face at this time.

In such a situation, you can stop only international calls, where no international call will be able to be made from your mobile, similarly you can stop all incoming calls, outgoing calls, roaming calls and international calls according to your convenience, so let’s talk about these four. I know in little detail.

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What are the types of call barring?

Here in Call Barring, total five types of Call Barring settings are given, which you will find in any mobile phone of the world.

  1. All outgoing calls
  2. International outgoing calls
  3. International Outgoing Calls Except to Home PLMN
  4. All incoming calls
  5. Incoming Calls While Roaming

So let’s know about all these five in detail.

1. All Outgoing Call

Turning on this option means that all your outgoing calls will be stopped, you cannot make any call from your mobile, only incoming call will come but no call will be received.

2. International Outgoing Calls

By turning on this option, you can stop only International Outgoing Calls, here International Outgoing Calls means from outside countries that except the country in which you live, you cannot call any other country.

3. International Outgoing Calls Except to Home PLMN

By turning on this setting, you can stop the international call only, but you can also continue the international call of any one country, for example, suppose you have to stop the call of all the countries, but you want the call of any one country to continue. So you can do it with this setting.

4. All Incoming Calls

Turning on this setting means that you want to stop all incoming calls on your mobile, that is, now no one will be able to call your mobile number from anywhere, but you can call anyone.

5. Incoming Calls While Roaming

By turning on this setting, only roaming incoming calls will be stopped when you are in a place where your SIM card is in roaming, at that time you will not get incoming calls.

In this way, you have understood about the types of Call Barring in Call Barring Meaning in Hindi, let us now know how this Call Barring is used.

How to turn on/off the Call Barring setting in Redmi 9i Mobile?

After knowing the meaning in Hindi of what is Call Barring, let us know that how this Call Barring is used i.e. friends, by the way, this Call Barring is a setting which can start and stop Call Barring just by turning it on/off. She goes.

But Ussd Codes are also used to turn on or off this Call Barring, about which I will tell you below, but this setting in mobile can be different in all mobile phones, which will read searching, I will tell some easy way.

So let’s first know the way to turn on this Call Barring, then we will also know the way to turn it off.

How to turn on Call Barring (Enable Call Barring Beaning)

To turn on the Call Barring setting, this setting may be different, but the method will be one for all, which will be something like this.

Step 1. Most of all you have to go to the settings of your mobile phone where you Call Settings You will get the option to find the Call Barring setting in it.

Where there is a question of finding Call Barring setting in any Android mobile, then you can go to the setting and search Direct Call Barring and you will get it immediately but in a keypad phone you will have to search it.

Call barring meaning in hindi.  What is Call Barring, how to use it in 2022?

Step 2. Now you have to click on this Call Barring setting where you have to select the SIM on which Sim you Call barring on want to do

Step 3. As soon as you select a SIM card, you will see the five settings of Call Barring here, in this way, now you can do the option you want to use.

Call barring meaning in hindi.  What is Call Barring, how to use it in 2022?

Step 4. Just to show, here I will turn on the first option All Outgoing Call, for this I will turn on the On/Off button next to All Outgoing Call, for which I click on the on button

Step 5. As soon as you click this on button, you will be asked for a four digit password, then enter 0000 here.

The password of almost all mobiles is 0000 only, but for some reason this password is wrong, then the model number of that mobile can be searched in Google that what is the Call Barring Password of this mobile.

Step 6. As soon as you Ok by entering the password, you will get Call Barring On, similarly you can turn on the five options of Call Barring as per your convenience which you need.

In this way you must have understood what is Call Barring and how it is started i.e. On, let us now know how to turn off this On Call Barring.

How to turn off call barring (Disable Call Barring Meaning in Hindi)

till here Call barring enabled If you know the way to do it, then the way to disable Call Barring is also the same, just you have to turn off the On button, your work will be done.

Step 1. For this you will go to the exact place where you had turned on Call Barring, now you have to turn off that On button.

Step 2. For which you will click on this On/Off button, then you will be asked for the same password again, after entering the password, you will do Ok, you will get Call Barring Off.

So in this way you can use Call Barring on/off and use it according to yourself, so let us now know how you can change this Call Barring Password.

How to change Call Barring Password

If you use Call Barring, then you should also change its password because this password is almost the same in all mobiles, which can be changed by anyone, that means it can become a problem for you.

For example, suppose you turn on Call Barring today, if a friend changes the password of this call barring, then later you will not be able to turn it off, that is why we tell you how to change Call Barring Password.

Step 1. For this, you have to go to the same Call Barring setting again where there was an option to On/Off all the five Call Barring settings.

Step 2. Below this, you will see the option of Change Barring Password, on which you have to click.

Call barring meaning in hindi.  What is Call Barring, how to use it in 2022?

Step 3. As soon as you click on the option of this Change Barring Password, where will you go to enter the password, where three boxes will appear, in all three you have to enter the password.

Step 4. In the first box you will enter the old password 0000 and in both below you will enter the password which you want to change.

Step 5. By entering these three passwords, you will click on Ok, then your password will be changed, now this changed password will work everywhere, which you will have to remember.

What are the benefits of Call Barring?

Many people think that there is no use of this Call Barring, some people say that when they want to stop the call, they will stop the call by turning off the mobile phone itself, but I will tell you how much benefit it is.

1. When you are in Roaming, your Incoming Call is charged and Outgoing Call is charged more, in this situation you can stop your Roaming Call through Call Barring while your mobile phone will be on.

2. Sometimes it happens that we get a missed call from a foreign country and we do not know from where this call has come and we make a call where you have to pay a charge of 20 to 50 rupees per minute. You can stop international calls, your call will not be received at such a place and you will understand that it is an outside call.

3. Suppose your brother lives in another country and you want your brother to receive your call and not in the rest of the country, then you can set it through Call Barring.

4. Here you get every facility, with the help of which you can stop any call whenever you want, then you can also turn it on, for which you do not need to switch off the mobile.

5. Suppose you are an Internet user where you have a lot of work on the Internet, then you can stop all the calls and after completing your work without disturb, turn on all your calls again.

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Conclusion – Call Barring Meaning in Hindi

so that was some specifics Call barring Meaning in Hindi about where you know that What is call barring and how is it used? Where we have told you how to turn Call Barring On as well as Off as well as given information about its benefits.

I hope this information Call barring meaning in hindi. What is Call Barring and how to use it? You must have got complete information which you would have liked, with the help of which you will be able to use this Call Barring feature properly.

If you like this information, then share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media so that more and more people can get information about Call Barring and can use it if you face any problem in this work. Have or want to give any suggestion, you can write in the comment, you will be fully helped.

FAQs –

Q. What is the meaning of call barring?

Answer – Call barring means to block the calls of your mobile number, this is a setting in which you can turn off your incoming and outgoing calls whenever you want and turn them on whenever you want.

Q. How to deactivate call barring?

Ans- The way you turn on the call barring setting, you can also deactivate it, whose complete information is given in this post.

Q. What is the call barring password for my phone?

Ans- The password of Call Barring of any phone is 0000 only, if someone has changed then this password can be changed.

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